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Sample business case for an ATS

Convince your internal stakeholders to invest in the recruitment software you need.

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Persuading stakeholders to invest in a new software is not always easy. But coming prepared to the table with structured arguments and data can speed up the process significantly. 

This sample business case presentation is intended to help you format your own arguments around purchasing a new ATS or switching to a new tool. Get inspired by some of the most common rationales and benefits to share with your managers and colleagues.

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  • A clear breakdown of the most common reasons to get an ATS, including avoided risks and benefits.
  • An outline of the evaluation process to determine which software is right for your needs.
  • A simplified layout for successful implementation.

What you'll get:

  • A  customizable business case presentation, designed to clearly highlight the costs, benefits, and implementation of an ATS.
  • An editable spreadsheet to add your own data to that will showcase your team's need for an ATS and the potential ROI.
  • A  structured approach to convincing your key stakeholders of the need and value of an ATS.