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Bring your hiring teams together, boost your sourcing, automate your hiring, and evaluate candidates effectively.

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The future of hiring is here

Recruitee has everything you need to hire the brightest minds in collaboration with your team

Keep all your data in one place

Say "bye bye" to countless spreadsheets, Google docs, and emails! Store all of your candidate data within the Recruitee platform.

120+ integrations with your favorite apps

Get Slack notifications, send documents via DocuSign, set up Zoom meetings on the go, and more! Recruitee blends into your workflow seamlessly. 

No more tedious manual work

The age of recruitment as routine labor has passed. Save up to 12 hours a week with a myriad of automated actions, pipelines, and templates. 

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Make candidate sourcing 64% more efficient

No need to ping-pong between dozens of job boards and career sites. Recruitee allows you to post a job to multiple platforms simultaneously and makes it easy to share job openings on social media.

Optimized for collaborative hiring

We believe in teamwork. Make your hiring more efficient, more transparent, and (ultimately) more fun by involving your colleagues in the process!

Customer support that you can actually rely on

Do you have any questions about the tool? Don't be shy to give our support team ninjas a shout! They are always ready to help you.

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“The only ATS that has everything I need”

“This ATS system has changed my life!”

I spent days evaluating 30+ ATS's via trials / demos etc. (and looking at hundreds overall). This was the ONLY one that had what I needed. I work very collaboratively with my clients and want to be able to let them into my platform. This allows me to do so, and the permissions are so incredibly comprehensive and flexible I can work with them in an endless number of ways. The service and people are fantastic - top notch team. I'm so excited and relieved to have found them. 
Prior to using this ATS system, everything was unorganized and difficult to track each candidate. This tracks all of the interviews and interactions with the candidates. This has changed my life as a recruiter and organized our process with ease. The templates for emails are fantastic and the pipeline is great. We are able to customize everything to fit our needs and making changes is easy. I am not the most technical person, but this system is easy to navigate even for me.
Leila B.Founder & Team Growth Strategist
Cheryl O.Recruiting Manager

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Start building your winning teams

Start building your winning teams

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Create a free account in just 2 minutes.Get your first job out today!

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