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About us

Recruitee is a powerful software that makes hiring easy. Designed with growing teams in mind, Recruitee is built to help companies launch their hiring, scale their teams, and lead their organizations. With Recruitee, companies like Greenpeace, Scotch & Soda, and Karl Lagerfeld are transforming their businesses with collaborative hiring.

Since our early beginnings in August 2015, Recruitee has always been custom-built for recruiters and hiring teams. For our product team, this meant building a tool that is accessible, easy to use, and fit for purpose, no matter how big or small the team.

We want our users to be empowered with tools that can help them future-proof their growth strategy. Using data and analytics, we enable growing teams to move beyond immediate hiring plans and get closer to predicting their future hires. 









Our vision

We believe that companies should have the tools they need to scale their operations quickly and effectively. We built Recruitee envisioning a tool that gives growing teams the power to make the right hires at the right time and pace.

Meet the founders

Paul Smoczyk

Perry Oostdam

Perry Oostdam is CEO and co-founder of Recruitee and is currently active in Rhodan Ventures as an informal investor. He loves to be involved in programs like Rockstart Accelerator and speaks regularly at conferences about entrepreneurship and SaaS.

Paweł Smoczyk is CTO and co-founder of Recruitee. He is a senior programmer with more than eight years of experience.


Fast Company 2020

7 things you must do if you’re going to successfully bootstrap

Perry Oostdam of Recruitee shares the key components to self-fund your venture.

The Telegraph 2019

How recruiters and technology are shaping future teams 

Collaborative hiring is no longer a recruitment method owned exclusively by tech giants – technology is transforming the way teams are built.

Siliconcanals 2019

5 fastest-growing Dutch SaaS startups you need to look out for in 2019

Recruitee came up with a Talent Acquisition Platform, which bolted the company to the 62nd spot on the SaaSMag’s SaaS 1000 list of the fastest-growing startups. It’s ranked first out of all ATS providers that made it to the list.

Onrec 2019

Recruitee: "We’re powering Recruitee with AI to take the guesswork out of job promotion"

Recruitee launched its AI-powered job promotion engine, which allows you to get your jobs matched with the channels that connect you with the right talent.

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